Golf Lessons

Here at The Custom Golf Advantage we approach our golf instruction, not with a one size fits all approach, or a system, but rather a lesson plan for actual individual improvement. This is based on you and your golf swing and what your goals for improvement are. Maybe you are looking to improve your golf game because you want to compete with your league buddies or significant other or you have aspirations of competing at a higher level. From the novice golfer to the touring pros we can help you achieve your full potential in this wonderful and frustrating game we all love and love to hate.

We approach this systematically through a game improvement plan tailored to each individual. Every human being on the planet is unique and has certain abilities and sometime physical limitations. This is why we feel it is critical to spend some time and get to know our students by talking to them and observing their current golf swings.

We utilize both traditional methods such as drills, on the course paling lessons and training aids, as well as the utilization of modern day devices and tools such as video analysis, high speed cameras and our state of the art indoor performance based simulator, the Game Changer 2.

Whatever your goals are or whatever the current state of your golf game, we can help you improve and play the best golf of your life. Stop in or contact us today to learn more.