Club Repair

Golf Club Re-Gripping

We offer a full line of golf grips at big box store prices and install them to your exact size requirements based on what feels comfortable, size of your hands (measured at our shop) or build it up to help fight that hook or stretch it out to fight that slice.

Golf Club Shafting or Re-Shafting

Whether you broke one club or you want to improve your existing set, we carry a full line of the latest factory shafts. We even carry many of the exact shafts used on tour. We also have on hand just about every OEM direct authentic shaft adaptors from Adams, Callaway, Cleveland, Nike, Taylormade, Titleist and more, all at internet prices!

Swing Weight Adjustment

We can check your existing clubs to make sure they are all the correct swing weight (how light or heavy the club head feels). We then can adjust them based on what is preferred and what gives you the best feel at impact.

Moment of Inertia Building (MOI)

Do you have a favorite club like 5 or 4 iron? Or maybe a driver or 3 wood that you absolutely hit better than any other club? We can take this “go to club” and make every club in your bag play and feel the same way as these favorite clubs. ¬†We use the latest high tech digital MOI scale by Auditor to achieve this. Stop in and see how a MOI matched set can give you the most out of every club in your bag.

Club Head Buffing and Polishing

We can bring the luster back to those old irons and in many cases to your wood heads with our buffing machine. Have a scratched club head? Stop in and let us take a look at it and see what we can do, we have been known to work magic!

Gap Fitting and Loft/Lie Adjustment

Whether you need your irons, hybrids, woods or putter lofts and or lies adjusted, we can do most golf clubs with our True Blue Bending machine by MR3. Have a set of hard cast irons that you need adjusted? Not a problem. We have the machine to been even the hardest cast clubs without damaging them by utilizing our Mitchell Golf Self Contained Universal Bending Apparatus, or S.C.U.B.A.

We can also put you on our state of the art launch monitor, the Game Change 2 by Foresight Sports, and our dynamic lie board to really dial in your yardages and determine what the best lie angle would be for your swing.

Shaft Profile and Existing Measurement of Clubs

We can profile your existing equipment to determine exactly what flex, lie, loft, length, swing weight, etc that you are playing. This can be invaluable because over time clubs may stray from where they started.