About The Custom Golf Advantage

The Custom Golf Advantage was in essence born out of frustration. Co-founder Jim Synyard was frustrated with the fact of having very little choice in the type of golf clubs that were commercially available. Jim also had trouble finding qualified people to work on his golf clubs, whether it was to upgrade a shaft or even something as mundane as checking his loft and lies. Jim being a competitive scratch golfer knew there had to be a better way. So he and his business partner Jason Brown founded The Custom Golf Advantage, INC. The very name embodies just what we provide for our customers, an advantage on the golf course. We all know how hard this game is, so why go to a big box store or to a local golf course and buy clubs that are one size fits all?

  • “Golfers are demanding so why not demand more from the most important part of the game, your equipment!” - Jim Synyard

Here at the Custom Golf Advantage every detail is considered from the start. Plain and simple, from the moment our customers come into the shop, email or call us on the phone, the difference in the way we approach equipment is evident. Our Advantage BluePrint fitting is among the most in-depth in the industry and covers all the bases.  After we discuss our results with our clients we work with them to come up with an Advantage Build Plan. This plan covers things like budget, set makeup, likes and preferences, and much more. After we come up with your individualized build plan, your clubs are ready to be Advantage Custom Built. That’s right, custom!

The Custom Golf Advantage is a factory authorized builder for some of the biggest names in golf. This is where we truly separate ourselves from the rest. After all, what good is it to have a tour level fitting if you don’t have the clubs built exactly to the specifications you were fitted for?

So what are you waiting for? Whether you want a single club or a whole set, take control of your golf game and contact us today! We look forward to helping  you take your golf game to the next level and giving you, The Custom Golf Advantage!

Thank you for taking the time to read about us.

Jim Synyard

Jim Synard Mitchel certified master club fitter from Rochester NY, former mini tour player, and teaching professional. He has fitted clubs for pro athletes, junior golfers, and all skill levels. Retired state police, former para trooper for US Army.

Factory Authorized Builder For Golf's Biggest Names